Our Story

Smells like nostalgia…

Imagine the scent of toasted cinnamon, star anise and clove as you hold your warm mug close to your face. You will be instantly transported back to memories of sitting by the fire on a cold December night. Not only do we imagine this, we experience this every day. As we mix our signature spice blends and craft our kits, we are always thinking of the mountains. And when we get there, you better believe we are snuggled up next to a fire with our hot toddies, basking in the aroma of the spices and the panorama of the views.


“Serving you the best hot toddy you’ve ever had.”

Are you ready to take a hot toddy to new heights? Coastal bonfires? Or your comfy porch swing on a chilly autumn evening? We created Trail Toddy to do just that. We will provide the spices, the tea, the perfect balance of tangy and sweet, and you provide the water and whiskey (also delicious with rum, brandy, or booze free). As you take some time to yourself to slowly sip and relax, you can feel good about our promise to use only the highest quality ingredients.

We source many of our spices and tea from Essential Organics, a family-owned and operated company based out of Bellingham WA. They are founded on a mission to make organic whole foods affordable and accessible with a focus on integrity and sustainability. We use USA sourced cane sugar blended honey granules to assist in the sweetness. Our citrus is always from California and our honey is always from Oregon. Since the day we opened our doors, we have been sourcing our honey from Mickelberry Gardens located just outside of Portland. Their bees are kept on certified organic land and treatment free. “It’s a lovely, light wildflower honey from mostly raspberry blossoms”

Our Packaging “Pack it in, pack it out!”

But we know that is not always the case, so we want to be reassured that our product will impact the environment in the least possible way if it doesn’t make it to the compost or landfill. With removal of the label, our hot toddy packaging is 100% Biodegradable and Compostable. We are in the process of eliminating labels and manufacturing complete compostable packaging for all of our products. Our tea bags are also fully biodegradable. We use natural, non-bleached chlorine-free tea bags to ensure the best flavor without harmful chemicals. Our signature spice blend and tea are heat sealed in these bags to eliminate the need for environmentally unfriendly staples or additional components. 

Expanded Product Line

We have expanded our product line to include Coffee and Specialty Cocktail Mixes. We are excited to share all of our upcoming creations with you.

Our Story

Founders Isabel Kitchen and Josh Sorenson created Trail Toddy & Co. because there were no tasty, portable, environmentally friendly ways to make a hot cocktail during their many cold nights in the mountains. With Isabel's background as a pastry chef and Josh's as an accountant, they knew they had the perfect team to begin this business endeavor.  

Josh and Isabel met while working at a Peruvian restaurant in Portland. Josh introduced Isabel to all of his favorite trails, and she quickly became an outdoor enthusiast too. Trail Toddy is inspired by every adventure they have had in the beautiful state of Oregon.